BTS Army Bomb Vinyl Decals

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Opal Vinyl Decals that are perfect for your Army Bomb or just to make your laptop and Bangtan accessories look cute!

Our Vinyl's will come fixed with clear transfer tape which will make applying your decal a breeze.

Before you apply your decal be sure to make sure the surface you want to apply your decal is clean, dry and free of dust.

When you are ready to apply your decal, peel off the clear transfer paper, if you find some of your design is still attached to the backing paper, put the transfer paper back down and smooth over the vinyl using a bank card, or your fingers if you don't have anything like that to hand.

Now it's time to place your decal on your surface. If you are applying your decal to your Army Bomb, place the circular decal down SLOWLY and work a few pieces at a time, you may wish to add some slits into the contact paper (NOT ON THE ACTUAL VINYL) to make it more pliable. As this is going onto a rounded surface, you may find some of the vinyl pieces may over lap, if they do, take a pair of sharp scissors to cut away a tiny amount to make it line up with the rest of your decal. Just be sure to take your time and your decal/Army Bomb will look amazing. 
These decals are available to purchase separately or as a bundle.
Please note: These Vinyl's are not waterproof, over exposure to water will make the decals lift so be sure not to expose them to the elements too much.